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Welcome to The Circular

Welcome to The Circular

Style is your personality made external. How you fulfill this behind the scenes matters, too. At VESTIDO, we celebrate the backstage choices right down to the final look.

VESTIDO merges style with sustainability to give you a curated, rentable closet of fashion’s best: our varied yet tight edit of designer pieces suit many a character and occasion. Ranging from dainty to spunky, our occasionwear closet offers choice options for your special event. At the next wedding you’re invited to, put the honor in your guesting with our bridal and wedding closet (who says a guest of honor can’t stand out, too? 😉). With our fashion closet, build your best look with pieces that complete your next editoriala service perfect for stylists and shakers in the industry. So whether you’re creating yourself anew or choosing with confidence, VESTIDO makes dressing up accessible, sustainable, and easy, because looking good is a cocktail best mixed with feeling good. 

As a trio of women from the fashion industry, our decades of collective experience is our fuel to do better; we are constantly learning about how the world of fashion affects people’s consumption habits and the environment, and this has moved us to start and grow VESTIDO. Style is a lifelong practice, and what is practice if not a conscious and continued effort? Now, we’re extending this philosophy from the closet to life at large.  Join us as we broaden the VESTIDO vision to all things fashion, beauty, culture, and creativity.

Welcome to The Circular.

written by Aubrey Escareal

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