Browse through our wide selection of pieces curated by professional stylists. You can search by price, designer, occasion, color, or style.

After making your selection, you may book the piece directly online by indicating your preferred date of delivery and return (please note that we recommend having the rental sent over 1-2 days before your event date). We will then deliver it to your chosen location. Each item comes in a ready to wear pressed and cleaned condition.

Once you’re done, kindly place the rental back in the bag it came in and book a return with a courier service. Our team will be on standby to help with logistics and coordination.



Shipping is free for both delivery and return. Tell us where we can send the rental by filling in your shipping address upon checkout. Details will be confirmed via email once the order is made. If you suddenly require a change in address for delivery do inform us at least 24 hours in advance.

Please ensure that there is a point person who can receive your delivery during the specified date and time (which we will coordinate with you). We deliver throughout Metro Manila. For same day deliveries, an additional charge of P500 applies. Last order for next day delivery is 12 noon daily.

You are responsible for returning the dress on the last day of your rental period. Please make sure to choose CASH as your payment option when booking the courier service so we can take care of the fee. Our team will be on standby to assist you by providing details and specifics for the courier service. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at +639171682621 for questions or guidance.



Vestido covers minor wear and tear. Each rental piece is inspected thoroughly to ensure that it arrives in good condition and is inspected again upon return.

In the event that the rental is damaged or badly stained, we will assess the damage and inform you of the additional charges needed to repair it. Indicated full selling price which is  pre-authorized on your credit card upon checkout will be charged for irreparable damage. If you notice any damage or stain upon receiving the rental, do inform us within 12 hours of delivery.



Once the rental is delivered, it is in your care and responsibility. We will have to charge the full selling price if it is lost during this period. If the dress arrives with pre-existing damage without prior notice from our team, please contact us at hello@vestidomanila.com within 12 hours of receiving it. We’ll arrange for its return. Damages that are not reported but worn will count as a regular rental.

Always return the rental if it is not lost, regardless of the condition it is in. This way, we will be able to determine if it can be repaired at a lower cost versus the full retail price.



Every time you rent, we require a security deposit which is the item's selling price. This serves as a guarantee during the rental period. The amount will be put on hold on your credit card but will not be charged. This will be fully released once the pieces are returned in good condition.



We handle dry cleaning and laundry for all our garments. All you need to do is to re-pack the rental in the bag it arrived in. Please do not attempt to wash the garment on your own as it may damage the piece. Every garment is professionally dry cleaned and maintained by Vestido.

We also take care of steaming and pressing our garments before we deliver them to you. Although we do our best to ensure that they will arrive wrinkle-free, we cannot guarantee this, as there will be some movement during transportation. If the piece arrives slightly creased, you may use a steamer in low heat to press the dress.

Ironing our garments is not allowed. Many of the pieces are made with delicate material that will not withstand the heat of an iron.



You can rent a piece for a duration of 4 days but it can also be extended upon request for an extra charge. Rental period starts the day you receive the piece. It will be delivered before 9pm on the first day of your rental period.

For extensions on your existing rentals, we charge a daily fee of P2,000 provided that we are informed 24 hours before your rental period expires. For last minute events or extension requests on pieces that are already spoken for, drop us an email at vestidomail@gmail.com and we may be able to work out a solution for you.


We take pride in providing an exceptional experience that begins with on-time delivery. If you return your rental late without prior notice, a fee of P2,500 per day will be charged each day it goes beyond the rental period. If it is not returned within 7 days, we will consider the dress as lost and we will charge you the full selling price.

Our rentals are unique and we cannot purchase additional pieces to fulfill orders. So please note that we will charge full rental price for late returns that overlap with existing bookings.

We send our customers a friendly reminder through email or SMS about the return date to ensure they don’t miss it.



We accept bookings up to 6 months in advance and recommend reserving your piece as soon as possible to ensure availability. Please set your delivery date 1 – 2 days before the event to avoid any last-minute panics and to make sure everything arrives on time. We also offer same-day delivery at an additional P500. We will be sending you a confirmation email once the rental is reserved.



A comprehensive size and measurement guide is available for each shoe or garment to help you find the right fit. Although it is still your responsibility to ensure that the piece you have rented is the right size. You may also contact us for assistance via email at hello@vestidomanila.com. Please note that sizes vary per designer so your proper size may not be the one you’re used to wearing.

To determine your size for a particular garment we recommend taking your bust, waist and hip measurements to compare them with the ones found on the size chart. Please choose a rental that will comfortably fit all of your measurements.

Bust measurement – Standing up straight, with your arms at your side, measure the fullest part of your chest and around your back.

Waist measurement– Measure the narrowest part of your torso or where your waist creases when you bend to the side.

Hip measurement – Standing up straight, measure around the fullest part of your hips.



If the rental does not fit as expected, please call us within 24 hours of receipt immediately and make arrangements to exchange/refund the rental. We can also make suggestions to find you a better fitting piece that we can send over right away to make it in time for your event. If you decide not to get an alternate dress, we shall issue you store credits equivalent to the rental price.



You may change your rental dates or cancel your order before the beginning of your rental period  by contacting us at hello@vestidomanila.com. If the piece has already left the studio, changes or cancellations on your rental will not be allowed. Refunds are given in the form of credits for your future use with us.

Kindly note that the full amount of credits will only be refunded if the cancellation is made 72 hours  before the stipulated rental period. If it is made 48 hours prior to delivery date, we will refund 50% of the fee and 20% if it is done within 24 hours.



We accept payment through PayPal, which is one of the most trusted and used by e-commerce websites all over the world to make sure your credit card information is completely secure.

We will charge your credit card the full rental fee as soon as we have received the order and have confirmed the availability of your requested rental. Late fees, damages, loss and unreturned bags will be charged to your card accordingly using the pre-authorized amount issued on your credit card upon checkout. You will receive a notification for the additional charge via SMS or email.



We currently offer our pieces out for rental only but we do hold sales annually. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to receive updates and news about our sales.



We currently do not offer hemming or alterations for our garments in order to preserve their original state.



You may try on the rentals by booking an appointment at our studio located in Mandaluyong City. A fee of P500 will apply for a one-hour session which will include personal styling, exclusive use of the studio and ability to try on as many pieces available during the timeframe. The fee can also be used as credits should you decide to rent one of the pieces during your appointment.

To schedule an appointment, please email us at hello@vestidomanila.com with the pieces you'd like to try, and your event date. Our team will be in touch with you to arrange the details.



Vestido’s home fitting cost is 1500 which includes return express shipping via our chosen courrier service. Each home fitting is strictly for a 24-hour period only.

To schedule a home fitting booking, please email us at hello@vestidomanila.com with the dress(es) you'd like to try, and your event date.

Please note that we are unable to hold dresses for your actual event date, until a booking order is placed.



Store credits are valid up to six (6) months from date of issue.