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Who We Are

"I’ve known about it for a while but I chose to ignore the issue: the inner conflict between my need to have something that’s hot and new vs. what’s a responsible purchase. I used to say that I need to buy something new because I have ‘nothing to wear’. So I vowed to use everything in my closet and tap my creativity (as a stylist, it should be there, right?). Not only did I start feeling good about myself, but I started caring more about my clothes. I even started going back to vintage stores. I vowed, too, that if I have to shop for my closet, at least it needs to be second hand. This was a challenge but I’m happy to say that I’ve become particular about the provenance of my pieces and have started to gravitate towards brands that practice ethical and sustainable fashion. And because of that, I’m now more intrigued to know more about fashion brands’ production processes. I know this is not an overnight thing - conscious fashion - and it might even take an entire generation for a mindset to change, but it’s a start. I’m buying brand-new less than before (100% less!) and I’ve opened up my styling studio Qurator’s closet—it’s quite massive because we purchase pieces for our celebrity and private clients on a regular basis—into a fashion rental service that gives people access to special pieces without the commitment and only for a fraction of the price. I thought, why not promote upcycling? We always do it with styling—recycling old pieces and presenting them in a new, better way. As my business partner, Cindy Go, no stranger to the world of special occasions with a career in magazines and luxury retail herself, “I love the convenience of renting for occasions especially given the limited options for last minute and off the rack shoppers such as myself. Not only does it save precious closet space (specially when you live in a condominium), but it also helps from having to stock up formal wear that can look dated the moment you decide to wear it."


Together, our goal is to inspire people to keep caring for quality clothes while looking great in them, consume consciously, and churn out less waste.


This is something we’re truly passionate about now, and we can’t wait to see you in our pieces."


- Pam Q.

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