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Stylist Program


The Stylist Program is a service that exists to make the lives of stylists easier. Enjoy added wardrobe options for projects or fittings without the commitment of a full rental with our two options.


Stylist Subscription

For P6000 (50% consumable or P3000), enjoy 5 pull credits valid for 6 months. Stylists may pull out a maximum of 3 pieces at a time, and pay rental only on pieces that have been used. 



1. For stylist subscription, stylists must pick up the pulls from the showroom or shoulder delivery charges. 


2. Stylists must return pulls within 24 hours of borrowing.


3. Ironing our garments is not allowed. Many of the pieces are made with delicate material that will not withstand the heat of an iron. However, you may steam the garments if they become creased.


4. Stylists shall shoulder a laundry fee of up to P900 per piece if item comes back in need of cleaning.


5. Stylists shall be charged full rental fee for late return (over 24 hours).


6. Stylists shall be charged full rental fee if it was found out that pieces were used.


7. If items are used for styling a project (shoot, event, media appearance, etc.) then it is considered a rental. You can immediately inform us and we can send you details on how to settle the payment.


8. If items end up becoming a rental, dry cleaning is on us.


Stylist à la carte

For a minimum fee, stylist à la carte is a fitting service that allows stylists to pull up to 5 items from Vesitdo's closet and pay rental only on pieces that have been used. 

Vestido's stylist à la carte cost is as follows: 

1-2 items
Flat rate of P499 inclusive of dry cleaning and delivery
3-5 items
Flat rate of P799 inclusive of dry cleaning and delivery


 Each pull is strictly for a 24-hour period only. 


To subscribe or inquire about the stylist program, please email us at or send us a message via Whatsapp at +639171682621.


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